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Inkheart – The movie

inkheart2A fantasy film with an interesting premise – imagine if you could bring the characters of a book you are reading to life!!! Stuff of fantasy surely and something any avid reader would have wanted to do. You would be called ‘silvertongue’ and this is a film that could be about you!!!

Just beware. You can bring in cute characters (like the dog ‘Toto’ from the Wizard of Oz) but can also bring in villains like the ‘Capricorn’ (from the fictional novel – ‘Inkheart’) who can begin to like this world too much and can start a rampage that would need heroes like the fire-eater from the world of Inkheart or a Bedouin boy from 1001 nights and of course our hero and his 12 year precocious daughter to set right .

The movie has a nice and racy feel to it and at times it quite a feast to watch. Its a colourful movie with lots of elements that would hold your attention to the end. Its a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age.

But the viewer must remember that its pure time-pass, as we Indians like to say. This is no Matrix of ‘destiny decided by our choice’ type of fantasy. Its a feel good story with just a dash of villainy needed to make the story interesting (Just good and nice people would make a very boring story) that would remind us of the fairy tales we used to hear in our childhood.

So watch it when you are feeling down. This would surely perk you up…

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Paul Bettany, Eliza Bennett, Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis

Based on the book ‘Inkheart’ Cornelia Funke


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