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Infernal Affairs – Mou Gaan Dou

infernalaffairs pster This is the Hong Kong thriller from which Departed took its inspiration from…hence there is no need of an explanation required as to the content. The tag line in is enough to give the gist – Loyalty. Honor. Betrayal…

And after watching this one, I am liable to give this movie a higher rating than its English counterpart, not only because of the acting bit but because this movie has more nail-biting sequences. De Caprio is the only exception to the acting rule – he was equal to the performance shown here by Tony Leung in terms of depth and range.

What also compels me to give a higher rating to this movie is that soinfernalaffairs many sequences in this movie is a shameless rip-off from the original. There was a strong sense of Deja-vu in many of the sequences. Only the ending is different.

All in all, its a masterful crime thriller that grips you right from the opening sequence and does not let go…its cinematography is a fabric of tautness and its fast-tracked.

And in the end, unlike Departed, you end up relating to both the characters in the movie. Everyone is a victim – of circumstances. That itself gives it an edge of the english version.

There have been sequels to this – two more. I am not sure I would watch them. Too many times, they go the way of ‘The Matrix’ or ‘Pirates of Caribbean’. This movie is complete in itself.


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