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Blades of Glory

blades-of-glory A funny tale of two male figure skaters who were once fierce rivals but who due to a very public and on-TV fight are banned for life. Both fall in anonymity and on hard times.

But here is a flaw in the ban. They cannot participate in single events but they can participate in couple events!!! and so we have the hilarious situation wherein for the first time in history, two men pair up.

The story is all about how they gel together, their misunderstandings and the eventual win using a very dangerous move on the ring – a move that can apparently be used only by two men – the iron lotus. In between we are treated to some scenes of their trainings, their choreography and the machinations of their main rival – the brother sister duo and how they get through everything and become great friends.

I found the movie funny in parts but could have been a whole lot funnier with a stronger comic script and definitely better acting. The people seemed wooden most of the times and a natural flow seemed missing. The main attraction i.e. the skating sequences could have been longer and more involved.

All in all, an average movie. But there are far better movies of similar genre out there…

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