Drama, English Movies

The Accused directed by Directed by Jonathan Kaplan

TheAccused This is a movie that has rape as its central theme and it does a good job of taking away the puerile fantasy that rape depiction can sometimes get trapped into in movie depictions and shows the brutality for what it is…and shows the lives of the people affected when caught in the orbit of this crime.

Jodie Foster does a brilliant job as the rape victim (winning an Oscar for her performance). She depicts a gutsy woman who lives on the edge of ‘respectable’ society but who defiantly calls out for justice and honesty which is due to her. She is shown to be vulnerable but never lacking in strength.

Where I liked the movie was it shows the social effects of the rape. The constant references to her character even by people who are supposedly on her side, the incomprehension of people in her life who cannot fathom what really has happened to her and want her to ‘get over it’, the questions being raised over whether she dressed provocatively and whether she ‘led them on’ are all part of the rape process that continues long after the actual act takes place. These have been shown quite well and the fact that similar reactions happen todaythe-accused-800-75 as well goes to show the problem is far from over. The fact that it is the rape victim is victimized more by society than the actual perpetrators is something that is not confined to any country but is a problem facing all women everywhere.

What is also shown brilliantly is the reaction of people (even women)who just cannot understand the gravity and who take it as something that should not be too much to be concerned about or worse – something unpleasant that should be forgotten as soon as possible.

Sarah Tobias (Foster) is shown to be a very ordinary woman who gathers up strength to fight all the prejudices that people throw at her with a mixture of determination and vulnerability which makes her character so real…

About the downside of the movie – I felt the tautness in the courtroom was missing and the script did not have a zing that could make you a part of the movie. The acting other than Foster’s was a little lacklustre. However two things take the movie forward – one, as said earlier, Foster’s acting and secondly the honest depiction of rape. The rape scene particularly was horrific and it was difficult to see it through which just shows that it was successful in what it wanted to depict…


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