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The Heavenly Kid directed by Cary Medoway

Soundtrack-TheHeavenlyKidCover1 This is a movie that I have a special weakness for since this is the first film that I saw when cable TV hit my home. That must have been around 15 odd years ago. I opened up Star Movies and I saw this. I got to know the name in the break only. I saw it only once more again a few years later. That was the time when you did not have the choice to view the movie of our choice and you just had to choose between what was on offer. You could not download movies (what on dialups with speed of a few Kbps?) nor did people have any collection of their own (except on VCR) and those days the storage devices was floppy drives at max!!!

So when I got this movie yesterday, I started it with a mix of pleasure and trepidation. Pleasure because I was going to see a movie that I had enjoyed a lot back then and trepidation because I hoped that the changed taste of the last 15 years would not not be too much of a change!!!

But I enjoyed the movie greatly. It has many flaws – in its script and the camera work for example. But in spite of all that, the story had an appeal that entertains. I liked the typical 60’ and 80’s look (Both were in the movie!!!) and the fresh faced actors especially Lewis Smith.

The story is of (Bobby) Lewis Smith who dies in a dare act and is givenheavkid an assignment by the upper authorities (that is heaven that looks like an US immigration counter!!!) which he needs to complete before he can be admitted to uptown (heaven that is). The assignment is Lenny (Jason Gedrick) who is considered a loser by his friends and by the girl he is attracted to. What follows is a sweet romantic comedy in which everyone finds redemption and happiness.

The look of the movie is typical 80’s and has an appeal for those who like movies from that period. In the end, the movie is enjoyable and very enjoyable. It has a simple story line that holds itself together till the end.


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