Drama, English Movies

Basketball Diaries directed by Scott Kalvert

basketball_diaries A true story which is what makes this movie moving. The story is about drug abuse, about how simple teenage bravado and dare takes a person down the abyss of addiction and its horrific consequences. It ends with redemption of sorts for the author of ‘Basketball Diaries’.

But having watched movies like “Requiem for a Dream” and “Spun”, which I feel draws you much more into them, this movie seemed to make somewhat less impact…Midway through the movie, you realize that you have seen it all. This is all a bit unjust, I know, since it was one of pioneers in this genre. Its just my luck that I saw movies which I liked better before I saw this one…

But watch it for the acting of Leonardo Di Caprio. It is breathtaking. And he was a strapping teenager when he acted in the movi4e. We all got to know his acting prowess with the films he did after he became famous in Titanic (though not in Titanic itself). This is pre-Titanic of course and you just see the mature actor he would become in the tormented character he plays in this movie…


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