the condemned
Action, English Movies, Fantasy

The Condemned directed by Scott Wiper

2wc1cv7 The Truman show, its not…it does not really bring in question our sense of reality and how warped it can become. Untraceable it is not – it does not show the incredible power of the internet in becoming the playground of a voyeuristic killer. Though the movie does bring in both elements, watch the movie mainly for the action of brawny men fighting it out barefisted!!! Even that is patchy, with it becoming watchable only when the two main guys fight it out…action wise, ‘Death Race’ was much better and it has a similar plotline…

The story is of a millionaire who hits upon a plan to double his capital assets by making ten men and women who were on death row in various countries fight each other to death in an island and have the action transmit live on the internet, an action that subscribers have to pay money to watch…the story is of how the ‘condemned’ ten try to kill off each other and how the whole plan goes awry at the end…

Its an interesting watch only if you discount the attempts to have the movie have a ‘message’. The movie tries to get you to consider the immorality of the whole proceedings and also tells you that because we watch, perhaps we are the ones who are ‘condemned’. But its all done in a half-baked manner and the politically correct statements make you a condemned-vinnie-stonecold1_1177547464 bit weary. And in fact the attempts to bring in the morality angle only prevents the movie from becoming a thoroughly enjoyable action movie, which it had a great potential to be…Another thing that gets a bit irritating is the fact that there is a sort of a brooding American Rambo which emerges at the end…Hate it when that happens…

So all in all, nothing new…every premise of the movie has been done much better in other movies. The movie does not really hold on to you and I found myself checking the watch in between…


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