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The Sunshine Boys directed by Herbert Ross

sunshine_boys What do you get when you put two old retired showmen together for one last show? especially when they cant stand the sight of each other? and when one is absolutely irritatingly and lovingly cantankerous and the other is suffering is suffering from slight dementia?

The answer is one hell of a rip-roaring hilarious movie!!!

Willy Clark (Walter Matthau) and Al Lewis (George Burns)were one of the best known vaudeville comic pair but who fell out when Lewis retired suddenly…now cut to the present. They are old but have lost none of their rancour. That’s the fun part!!!

Now many years later Willy and Lewis are given a chance to get back together when Willy’s nephew Ben Clark (Richard Benjamin) gets a slot from ABC to pair them together…but the problem is that Willy does not want to because he still passionately hates the sight of Lewis. Lewis is willing but unwilling to put up with the bad behaviour of Willy…

The result is absolutely side-splitting. The dialogues are witty and the_814818_sunshine_boys300 acting by the two lead guys and the poor nephew who is caught between an ancient feud is serious fun. The contrast between the acting of Willy (every muscle in his face seems to act on their own) and Lewis (placid and unchanging expression) just about completes the picture. The ending is also very appropriate for the movie and is a perfect ending, according to me…

This movie cannot be needs to be seen and the blues will chase themselves out 🙂 One of the best comedies I have ever seen!!! 

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