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Terminator – Salvation directed by McG

terminator-salvation-connor This is a movie that will evoke very different reactions from different people.  Some of the fans of the old concept of the series, like me, will not be happy with the turn the script has taken. The Judgement day has happened and suddenly you realize that it seemed more terrifying when spoken in the abstract than when seen in actual. The setting did not have the menace that you would expect. Resident Evil seemed more terrifying. Skylink city does not have the aura of Mordor.

Some of the fans will like the turn of the script though, mainly because there is now scope for a new trilogy of the Terminator series. And there is infinite possibility for new turns and twists with loads of action piled in, all in the new future.

But I belong to the first group. I have grown up on Terminator Part Two, the best of the whole series. Compared to the tautness of that movie, the present one pales by comparison since it throws up many loose ends (with the intention of tying them up later).

This movie however tries to compensate by piling in lots of high-octaneterminator-salvation-Christian-Bale action, most of which is excellent. Some of the sequences are breathtaking. This is however the only saving grace of the movie as it stands out alone in an universe of weak script, unimaginative and clichéd dialogues and poor acting. Only Christian Bale salvages something of it all – he is as intense though even he has to struggle to mouth the inanities passed off as the dialogue script.

All in all, a movie that’s worth a watch, even if only for the action that looks good on the big screen. But the story has gone weaker. I can only hope that things get better from the next part in the series.

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