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X Men – Origins: Wolverine directed by Gavin Hood

x-men-wolverine Ok…The only reason I watched this movie even after getting unfavourable reviews was because I am a big fan of the X-Men , the graphic novel and the trilogy, both. Unfortunately, I should have heeded the reviews…this movie lacked depth. Absolutely.

What I had liked about the X-Men was the underlying philosophy – of how when we are different, we have to fight for our place or succumb. And when you add meaningful action in between, that makes for an exciting package. One more thing that I liked about the graphic novel characters (which was reflected in a good measure in the trilogy as well) was that all the characters had shades of grey.

This movie lacked all that I liked above. It never really tugged at your heart. It did not set off the adrenalin rush. The characters were plastic and one-dimensional. And the script just goes haywire at times, with loose ends which never get tied up.

Hugh Jackson grimaced and slashed his way through this one without really making a presence. The sensitivity and the humour he displayed in the trilogy was very infrequent. I think the only acting I liked was that of his brother played by Liev Schreiber, though he struggled with the poor script. The characters were all underdeveloped, according to me. The makers tried to bulldoze their way through with action.

Didn’t work with me…


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