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Very Bad things directed by Peter Berg

VeryBadThings Now, this is a movie that gets hooked into you progressively and traps you into an increasingly dark and mad world. But you don’t get a hint of that when you start off.

It starts off with four guys going on a bachelor’s party to Las Vegas before one of them gets married. Its all hunky dory and they look like regular guys out to enjoy a sinful night at Vegas…very American, you may say. So it seems…

And it is precisely because of this innocuous starting that the twists that come gives the movie a wildly dark energy.

An innocent accident in the revelry turns out to be a life-changing one, for each one of the friends. One thing leads to another, accidents and murders lose their boundary and each person starts to become a stranger to the other. It suddenly become a battle for survival and the battle for the survivor begins, if only subconsciously at first.

The friends bring back their secret back to their normal lives and here their different characters begin to define how they cope wchristian-slater2ith what they hide…which is where the story begins to take dark overtones. Their families get involved and soon, the phantom of Vegas begins to haunt  them…

The movie has a dark sardonic humour to it as well. You would find yourself laughing nervously at times at the most inappropriate moments. That edge makes this movie stand out, in my opinion.

The ending is  little too fantastic and somehow a little out of sync with the tone of the movie but other than that its a fantastic movie, a movie that gives a rollicking time to the person watching it…

A great watch…


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