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The Untouchables directed by Brian De Palma

untouchables 1 A movie that I needed to see after watching the pathetic ‘Public Enemies’. Saw this for perhaps the fifth time though after around two years. And I realized that it is still exciting to watch, even though I remembered almost all of it, which to me is proof enough that its one the best movies made about that era.

The movie brings the world of 1920’s vividly to life, complete with Al Capone, Chicago gangs, prohibition and the fledgling law enforcement in the country. It was a world which was a part of the violent transition between the old and the new. Policemen could all ride horses and they can do a cavalry charge complete with guns in tow. At the same time, an extensive railroad was making life and crime easier and gangsters were a mixture of the cowboy and the new age. And the policemen were more passionate than professional (from today’s perspective). And everyone carried impressive looking tommy guns and everyone looked rakishly stylish. All in all, a world in transition. That is what this movie captures beautifully

The story is compelling enough. A bunch of police officers with widely different personalities come together (later branded as ‘The Untouchables’) to bring down one of the biggest crime lords of America – Al Capone. This is about good men fighting the good fight. No shades of grey here and for once you don’t miss it.

And of course the best part is that it is based on a true story (with modifications of course – for instance, the Untouchables were eleven in number, not four).

The film has got some very memorable scenes, especially the untouchables-movie-p09shootout on the stairs at the railway station, which is incidentally a homage to the Odessa step scenes from ‘Battleship Potemkin’. And all the four guys making up the group have delightfully different characters and look good as a group. Connery shines in his role as Malone, the oldest and the most experienced guy in the group.

All in all, a highly gripping story and a movie in which you thoroughly enjoy the fight between the good guys and the baddies. A great watch always and especially after the bad experience of ‘Public Enemies’, this came as a fresh breath…



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