English Movies, Horror, Thriller

Last house on the left directed by Dennis Iliadis

last-house-on-left-poster A revenge drama that is pretty intense for most of its running time. The expectation of something about to happen is built up in the first quarter of the movie. In the next quarter, that something happens and it can be pretty gruesome for most viewers. The next half is about how the baddies get what is their due.

The storyline is pretty straightforward and somewhat clichéd. A family comes to an out of the way place (the last house on the left as it were), their daughter goes out with a friend, they are waylaid by a bunch of bad guys (including a gal) and by coincidence, they turn up at the house where the parents are living. What follows is a revenge sequence and well, it all turns out happily at the end…

What makes the movie watchable is that the acting of all the characters is of high quality and some of the critical scenes are intensely made, especially when the parents find out who are staying in the house for the night. And the first killing is gruesome and well executed (pun not intended!)

Where the movie flags is the last part. For almost no reason whatsoever, the intensity flags off. And the last killing is pretty lame. The way the movie built up, you would be expecting a high octane last finish. That does not happen. Somehow at the end, you finish the movie somewhat disappointed. The very last part is downright silly…

So all in all, a decent though somewhat predictable watch, though the ending could have been better.



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