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To be or not to be directed by Alan Johnson

To_be_or_not_to_be 3 Now this was a movie that I had seen way back in school when we used to have lots of time to kill in the afternoon and this movie had a lot of re-runs on star movies. And when I watched it after so many years, I enjoyed it as much as I did then. Perhaps more, since now I realize how difficult it is to get a clean and fun comedy movie to watch.

And that’s just what this is. It is light-heartedly funny with lots of side jokes in it. It’s about a bunch of polish actors caught in the invasion of the Nazis in 1939. The story is about how they go about preventing the Nazis from getting hold of a list of members of the Polish resistance mainly by doing what they know best – acting. In this case, impersonating Nazi officials. At the end, Mel Brooks even impersonates Hitler (and forgets that he is doing so, in the climactic scene at the English pub). In the process, everyone escapes during a performance and its all a happy ending. The main storyline is serious fun and never flags in the punch in the jokes. to-be-or-not-to-be Equally funny are the side stories that complete the picture. The Nazis are caricatures, as usual but funny.

A light hearted movie that can be watched many times and you can start from almost anywhere in the movie and start laughing right away…now how many movies can make you do that? Tags: ,,

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