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Mission Impossible 3 directed by JJ Abrams

mi3 More than anything else, I watched this movie purely because I wanted to see something fast paced and something that wont make me think too much. I was too tired to watch something that would affect everyone of my senses!!! I had watched the starting 10 minutes of the movie in my hotel room in Jabalpur just as I was leaving for the airport. And I wanted to watch the rest of it as soon as I can…And I did!!!

Not having watched any of the two prequels (I know, most of my friends would disown for this!!!), what I liked about the movie was the fast paced feel and the more or less intelligent storyline. It does get silly at times, especially near the end but overall, this was a great watch. The two odd hours simply flew off.

What of course adds to the movie was the great frontline cast – Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laurence Fishburn and they all live upto the promise…

Time to watch the prequels!!!


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