English Movies, Thriller

The Usual Suspects directed by Bryan Singer

usual_suspects_0(1) Ok..here goes…I didn’t like it…wow, has the sky fallen?? 🙂

The movie was predictable. I guessed who the main guy was atleast 45 minutes before the end. And when you guess the twist, the taste in the mouth goes bad!!! And the end left a lot many questions unanswered, the most damaging of which was this – the whole motive for the whole operation falls apart by the very act of conducting the operation or did I miss something?!

Sure the movie has its classic moments and the acting (especially by Spacey) is fantastic, the actor line-up is attractive (would have wanted more of Del Toro though) but I just got the feeling that the makers tried to mask the weakness in the script by putting in action scenes (which were admittedly excellent). At the end of the movie, I could not figure out why the whole thing was conducted by our main villain. And I still cant. And no matter how good the other stuff is, if the core of the movie seems weak, nothing seems to redeem it.

So yeah, the action, the suspense build-up, the characterisation, the acting, the dialogues, the quirkiness of the plot – all of it is top notch. What fails it is the very ‘why’ of the story; and for a mystery thriller that is well, the deal breaker!!!

I had a lot of expectations from this movie. Was only half-satisfied, I am afraid…


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