Action, English Movies, Thriller

Taken directed by Pierre Morel

taken_ver5 I don’t remember enjoying a thriller so much in a long long time!!! I would even go as far to compare it to the Bourne series – for the sheer excitement and for the taut script which keeps you on the edge all the time without ever becoming unrealistic. But you don’t enjoy the movie unless you like the protagonist. And here was Liam Neeson, an actor whom I would not normally perceive to the the swashbuckling agent..but here he plays the role of a coldly efficient ‘former Preventer’ flawlessly and with a grimness and feeling that goes perfectly with his character.

As a father trying to locate his kidnapped daughter before its too late, Neeson has the right mixture of calmness and efficiency and occasional despair which complement the times when he has to actually get his hands dirty. And I would not have believed it until I saw it – Neeson looks damn impressive when he fights, as good as when Damon fought as Jason Bourne.

The good thing was that the foundation – the script, was rock solid. Thetaken story had the right amount of suspense, mystery and action. And its not all fight, fight, fight all the time even when Neeson is the midst of an all out war. You clearly follow the logic by which he locates the kidnappers – starting from nothing except some scratches of conversation. The movie is a treat not only because of the action but more importantly because the script makes it very real. You enjoy being a part of it.


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