Comedy, English Movies

Sliding doors directed by Peter Howitt

slidingdoors A love story of karmic proportion so to say!! Has traces of the butterfly effect in the narrative – which is that one tiny change can make someone’s life go in quite different directions, in this case the sliding doors of the metro train, hence the name.

In this movie however, both the strands coincide at the end and all is well. This is a feel good movie that hilarious and might I say, cute!!! And since this is a Brit movie, might I say that the movie warms the cockles of the heart!!!

Helen Quilley’s (Gwyneth Paltrow) love life takes a dramatic turn or a slow spiral depending on whether she misses the train, which then depends on whether she meets James Hammerton (John Hannah), which then decides whether she finds out about her cheating boyfriend Gerry (John Lynch). So we have the two stories running parallel to each other without coinciding (until at the very end) and we can enjoy mov2_rev watching the progress of the two until they converge.

It is funny, humorous, romantic and a nice take on the quirks that fate can play on us. It is light watching and good for when you are in the mood for some laughs and some happiness. The best thing if of course the fact that it never becomes cliched and has no cheesy dialogues. John Hannah is simply superb in his role and you can watch the movie just for him…

Watch it with your family or someone who you love. You’ll take away good cheer and laughs from it…


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