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Drama, English Movies

The Fall (2008) directed by Tarsem Singh

I had to write 2008 with the name of the movie because there are five movies of that name, starting from the 60’s…

the_fall_movie_poster The first thing that strikes you about the movie is the imagery and the colours used…even if you watch the movie on mute, you would enjoy the breathtaking play of colours and the incredible scenery – the film has been shot at some of the most visually appealing locations in the world. Each shot of the movie literally drips richness in colour…

The story? Its a story that is as much magical as it is real. Roy Walker is a stuntman nursing more than a physical hurt (which has seemingly left him paralyzed) and his only aim in life is to find a way to kill himself. Enter Alexandria, a young girl with a broken arm (from a fall, hence the name), who is one of the most endearing child artiste that I have seen. Roy starts to tell her a story, a story that becomes magical, with the tale incorporating pthe_fall_movieeople around them as superheroes and villains.

We gradually realize that Roy has another motive for telling the tales –  he wants her to get pills which he can use to kill himself. Accidents and deaths occur…But amidst all this, the story goes on…in the end, the story begins to reflect the real life emotions of the teller – love, betrayals, bravery…

There is nothing more that I can write more on the movie by way of the story. Its woven so beautifully with images and sounds that unless you are watching it, no words in black and white would make sense. The story and with it the movie makes sense when you are watching it. If its not a complete experience, its nothing…

the-fall This is a movie that can be seen as much as for the sheer artistry of the camera as for the wonderful story – a story that is at the end about surviving and triumphing against despair and the sheer power of tales. And watch it for Catinca Untaru who plays Alexandra.

I can promise you this – you wont come away unfeeling from this movie. You just cant ignore it…

the_fall_movie_image__3_ 2008_the_fall_005

the_fall_movie_image_lee_pace 2008_the_fall_006




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