Book Review, Horror

Carrie written by Stephen King

Just for my own record, this is the first book I finished on my e-book reader (the Infibeam Pi)!!!

n697 “Four Seasons” was the first book by King that I read and contrary to what people around me have been telling me about the author’s genre, the first thing that had struck me about King was that he was one of the finest storyteller I have read and all of his stories were not of the macabre. It did not matter whether he wrote about paranormal or macabre activities, spine chilling stories or whether he was talking about the art of writing, there is a magnetism about his writing that simply hooks you.

I mean few people I knew then knew that Shawshank Redemption was actually written by Stephen King and for once the movie version did justice to the written material.

Carrie is a typical King novel. A typical sleepy American suburb is unknowingly home to a terror that would be unleashed on them soon. Carrie has the TK gene or in other words she is telekinetic and she is also the butt of every joke in school – a dangerous concoction just waiting to explode.

But like every King story, its not a simple horror story. There are stories within stories and there are lots you can identify with – thatCarrie-Stephen-King_l make the stories almost believable. And as always it draws you in before giving the KO.

However when it comes to authors who are prolific and who have penned numerous stories, there is a tendency to rank novels. So having read a dozen King novels, where would I put this one? Somewhere in the middle. Though it is neither epical like “The Stand” nor immersive as “Hearts in Atlantis”, it is still a harrowing and tragic tale of a girl who is forced to turn into a monster.

The imagery, as always, can be frighteningly vivid and the words as always are gripping. And you get it, yet again, why film-makers just love Stephen King. He has already done all the work for them!!!



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