About this blog

This blog started off as a chronicle of all the books and movie that I encounter over the years. Started in 2009 mid, it was an attempt to put down my thoughts at the time I read the books and saw the movies.

I have tried to write about mainly those which have affected and rivetted me in some ways and also about those which had flattered to decieve.

This will always be about my thoughts and the way I see these movies and books. With a veritable haemorrage of content being thrown at us daily, its difficult sometimes to prioritize what we spend our time on…

This blog is a small effort to showcase what I spent my time, sometimes with great satisfaction at the end and sometimes ending with irritation 🙂

Its also my hope that you, the reader would find value in what has been written and hopefully will influence, in some small way, what you would like to watch or read


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Just came across your wonderful comments about Dogpound Shuffle, which is a movie I wrote and directed many years ago; actually, the first movie I made. It was released on a limited basis as a very pretty DVD, virtually as good as the original film (which was shot in Canada with a largely British crew, including the great cinematographer, Gerry Fisher, who worked closely with Joseph Losey), and has 90 minutes of comments, by me, if anyone’s interested. Thanks again for your warm review. Jeffrey Bloom.


    • protikche says:

       Hi Jeffrey…it is just awesome to get such a wonderful comment from you :)…For some time I could not actually believe that Jeffrey Bloom had commented on this blog..but Thank you!

      Dogpound Shuffle is one of my perennial favourites ever since I caught a glimpse of it on cable TV. I think what hooked me was the fact that even as a child I could see that there was a drifter in all of us and all drifters need something to hold on to. Somehow this gem of a movie spoke to me as an adult as much as it did as a child. Its a movie that i cant recommend enough to my friends. And whoever has watched it has thanked me for it 🙂

      And thanks for again for visiting my blog and commenting on it…its an honour!


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