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3 Iron directed by Kim Ki-duk

three_iron_ver1 This is a movie that would not appeal to everyone. But it has a strange magic in it that would leave a strange attraction in the viewer that sees it through.

The movie has elements of ‘Distant’ in it, in that there is minimal dialogue and most of the movie is one big motion from one place to another. In fact, the two main protagonists don’t speak at all. Everything that is spoken between them is through touch, movement and through their eyes. That gives an eerie feeling to the movie since you have to take in the environment to get a feel of what the characters are going through.

It’s a love story at its core but without the usual elements that would make up the fabric of such a theme in other movies – no lovemaking, only the barest of caresses, no heart-melting words. All that is offered in place of all that is – silence. But the silence is of the quality that speaks with what is in it – the camera does a good work of putting you in the same place as the characters.

The story is of Tae-suk,who breaks into empty houses and lives there till the actual characters come back. He is like a ghost who inhabits the house as if its his own. He does not take away anything, nor gives anything to the place. In one such encounter, he aids a woman ‘’ from her abusive husband. She joins him and they keep on breaking into houses and living there. The movie takes a turn towards the finale when they are caught in one of the houses. The final scene is mystical and is open-ended.

As I said, the movie is for those who are like to take in the environment and the characters and not expect action after every few frames. This movie may stir you and may not – it’s a moody film and how you receive it depends entirely on your temperament and mood. In that3-iron way it’s a movie in its own right.

I liked the movie and the vibe it conveyed but somehow the theme and the story left me a bit cold. Possibly I did not identify with the characters. But to each his or her own. I also feel that this is a movie that would evoke different feelings at different time for the same person. Tags: ,,